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We all know how much the unwanted hair is frustrating, especially when using hot wax, razors, or other hair removal methods. It is time-consuming and painful. However, laser hair removal makes everything easier for you. It is an effective and safe treatment for removing hair on almost every part of the body.

How does it work?

The laser energy is light converted into heat. This treatment uses a technology to pass gently the heat over the skin to safely damage and stop the growth of hair follicles. The heat evaporates the pigment underneath the skin’s surface.

Laser hair removal is a trouble-free alternative to others hair removal options since it targets the hair follicles without damaging the skin. After two weeks period, you will notice a visible reduction in growth. With each treatment, it is more noticeable. Therefore, with this treatment, you will have long-term results, without worrying about ingrown hairs, cuts, or razor burn.

Will the hair grow back?

FDA classifies laser hair removal as “permanent hair reduction”. Several clean-up treatments are needed in the future, due to hormonal changes as menopause and pregnancy or taking of specific medications. To achieve permanency you will need three to six treatments.

The period between the treatments differs because laser hair removal is effective on hair in the active growth phase. The laser specialist will determine your maintenance schedule.

What body areas can be treated?

You can treat every area, except the area around the eyes. You can treat the neck, face, upper lip, legs, bikini line, underarm, back, and chest. So, it works on any part, but it is particularly effective on the lip, chin, underarm, and bikini areas. People with dark, coarse, and thick hair are the best candidates for this treatment.

Preparation before the laser hair removal treatment

You need to shave the area you want to be treated the previous day or the same day. Also, you need to avoid sun exposure including sunless tanning lotions and tanning beds for 4 weeks after and before every treatment.

You may feel mild discomfort during the laser hair removal, but the treatment is short so the discomfort ends rapidly. You may have little redness after the treatments.

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Hair Services & Laser Hair Removal and Laser Services

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Hair Services & Laser Hair Removal and Laser Services

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Hair Services & Laser Hair Removal and Laser Services